FAQs: Using Decisions

If you haven't already, visit the Get Started section of the Help Center for tutorials on many aspects of using Decisions such as creating your first meeting, adding guests to a meeting and more.

Does Decisions work with Office 365 for Mac?
Yes, Decisions works on most devices that run Office 365, including Macs and PCs. View the system requirements for Mac and other support. 

How do I add a guest to the full meeting?
After selecting the Group for a new meeting in Outlook, click “Manage Access” and type in the email address of the guest. Then click “add.”

How do I add a guest to a single agenda item or topic?
Click the “edit” button on the agenda item, then select the presenter icon. Type the guest’s email address and click the “invite” button.

How do I print Meeting Books with mixed page orientation?
Print the Meeting Book with mixed orientation by opening and printing it in Adobe Reader or a similar PDF tool. 

  • Set the print property “Page Sizing” to “Shrink Oversized Pages”
  • Set “Orientation” to “Auto orientation portrait/landscape”