What to do if the meeting link goes to the wrong meeting

Is the “View Agenda” button within the calendar invite leading you to the wrong meeting?

Typically, this is the result of a single meeting that has been converted to a recurring meeting AFTER publishing a Decisions agenda to the original meeting. You will then find that previous and future calendar entries all lead to the same meeting in Decisions. 

Follow these steps to correct the issue: 

  • Step I: Go to the next meeting in the series
  • Step II: Open the series
  • Step III: Open the "Recurring meeting" dialog
  • Step IV: Stop recurrence from this date (or the last successful meeting) then click save
  • Step V: Create a new meeting with recurrence (without adding Decisions to it)
  • Step VI: Open meetings one by one (not the series) to add and publish a Decisions agenda

Tool tip: Create and save templates within Decisions Meeting Secretary. We also recommend varying the agenda from one meeting to the next to keep the topics fresh and attendees engaged.