Create your first meeting agenda with Decisions and Microsoft Teams

It’s easy to get started!

This article describes how to create a meeting agenda with a Decisions for Teams. If you want to learn how it is done in Outlook, then check out this article.

Step I: Open Microsoft Teams


Step II: Create a meeting

  • Click on “Calendar” (in the left sidebar in Microsoft Teams)
  • Click “New Meeting”
  • Provide a Title, Location and the Date/Time for the meeting
  • Select the Team/Channel for the meeting
  • Click “Schedule”


Step III: Add an agenda to the meeting

  • Now click on “Teams” (in the left sidebar)
  • Locate and click the Team/Channel where you created the meeting.
  • Click on the “Meetings” tab (at the top)
If you don’t see a “Meetings” tab, contact the Team admin/owner and ask him/her to add it to the channel.
  • Click on the meeting.
  • Now you can start adding agenda items:
Give each agenda item a title and allocate the amount of time needed, then select a presenter from the Group or add a guest presenter. Include a description and attach relevant materials and add hashtags to easily find related topics later.


Step IV: Notify meeting attendees

  • Click on the meeting menu on the top right and select "Notify Attendees"


Recording tasks and Decisions

  • You can record Decisions and Tasks by writing them directly into the meeting minutes/notes:
Using OneNote or Using Word
  • You can also record Decisions and Tasks directly on the agenda in Teams: