Decisions Meeting Planner

The Decisions Meeting Planner allows you to move or copy agenda topics between a meeting agenda and a Microsoft Planner plan - and vice versa.

Some usage examples include

  • Forward planning and collaboration
  • Shortlist topics for upcoming meetings
  • Annual planning
  • Suggested topics/backlog
  • Topics to be discussed in multiple meetings/scheduling
  • A parking lot for topics

Step-by-step: Export an item from an agenda into Meeting Planner

Go to and click on a meeting with an agenda.

If you are testing the Meeting Planner for the first time, you might want to create a test/sample meeting so you don’t disrupt an existing meeting.

Locate the agenda item to be exported and click the “…” button.

Select “Move to” – “Meeting Planner”
The first time you use the Meeting Planner in a Team/Group you may be asked to create a Microsoft Planner plan or select an existing one. This will be the target/source for exported/imported agenda items in the current group.

If you select an existing plan you can skip the next step.

Note: It is not possible to select the “Actions/tasks” plan associated with the current group/team. This is to avoid mixing agenda topics and actions/tasks.

Create a Plan
Give the plan a name or keep the default suggestion, “Meeting Planner.”

Click “Next”
The plan will be created with a default bucket called “Backlog.”

Additional buckets can be created by clicking “+ Create new bucket.”
If you want to copy the agenda item instead of moving it, check the ”Copy” checkbox.

Click “Move” or “Copy” 
The item will now be moved (or copied) from the agenda into the “Meeting Planner Backlog.”

Step-by-step: Import an agenda item from Meeting Planner

Go to and click on a meeting.

Before you do this, make sure you have one or more items in the Meeting Planner (to import) by following the steps described in “Move or copy an item from an agenda into Meeting Planner” above.

Click “Add” (arrow down) and select “Import from Meeting Planner”

Select the bucket that contains the item(s) to import
– “Backlog” in this example

Select the agenda items to import and click “Next” 

Choose what should happen to the source item(s) - in Meeting Planner - after they are imported to an agenda

You can mark the items as “Completed” and choose to move it to another bucket, as well as select where to position the item(s) on the agenda.

Click “Import”
The item will be imported to the agenda.