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API Integration

For organizations looking to extend the Decisions platform with automated workflows or document integration with other systems - meeting info identifiers can be made available programmatically


For each meeting there will be a file available in the Sharepoint folder structure of that team/group, that includes specifications and IDs necessary to create automation using GraphAPI or similar.

The meeting info file is only available for organizations requesting the functionality, contact support@meetingdecisions.com to enable it for your organization.



Filename MeetingInfo.json
Filetype JSON file




Unique identifier for Decisions meeting

  eventID Event ID from GraphAPI (unique per user calendar)
  eventICalUId Unique identifier for an event across calendars provided by GraphAPI
  eventOrganizerId Organizer ID for the event

Type of Organizer user (for your tenant)

'groupMember', 'groupOwner', 'group', 'external', 'sharedCalendar', 'externalToTenant'
  groupId Group ID where the Agenda was saved
  channelId Channel ID, if Agenda was saved within a channel of a team (group)
  meetingFolderId Folder ID for folder in SharePoint where the Agenda is stored



"decisionsMeetingId": "fe543831-0150-4f21-922a-fb72e651a4d4",
"eventICalUId": "040040008200E00074C5B7101A82E00807E5061D10510B53341FD701000000000000000010000000EE037ABFC6D9034BB3680C748F14E664",
"eventOrganizerId": "256bbe90-4804-42b7-baaa-d4cc0cdff877",
"eventOrganizerType": "external",
"groupId": "ce7be92e-af51-6682-8ba9-c906fe75c160",
"channelId": "19:76c92b6b760c46b5a06ef540e145f525@thread.tacv2",
"meetingFolderId": "01JE2R4DCSU7CEH757M5G2E6HTEW77CIDR"