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April 2021 - Product Updates


Federated SSO

With federated SSO the Decisions login experience becomes even smoother. You now only need to sign into the Microsoft application and then Decisions will automatically sign you into our app as well. Read more.



Agenda links in Teams now opens in Teams

Links to the Agenda posted in Teams will now open the Agenda in the Decisions Personal App, making it even faster and easier to see the Agenda. You will no longer have to view the Agenda in a separate browser.

OneNote Minutes - decisions table

It is now possible to add the Agenda item number and title for the correlating decision in the decision table in OneNote Minutes. 


Publish Agenda to Meeting Chat

An additional option is now available when posting and sharing the Agenda in Teams, you can select Meeting Chat, which will post the Agenda to the chat of the meeting.



Easier understanding of Administrative role

For a team/group you can assign members role "Administrative", which changes some of the behaviour for that member. Such as not showing up the in the participants list and similar. Now the assignment is even easier to understand and get right. 



Back button in Agenda view now always leads to dashboard

The back button in the Agenda view in Teams now always leads back to the meeting dashboard, earlier this sometimes worked as a back to button to the previous Agenda viewed, but "Previous/Next" already covers that functionality. 

Decisions Bot 🎉

We now have a bot for our Teams app! The Decisions bot enables us to build additional functionality for a new interaction point, making Decisions even more relevant. We are starting with a few basics steps, but will soon add more.