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April 2024 - Product Updates

Updates to AI Meeting Recaps and AI Meeting Minutes, including support for transcripts from channel meetings

License management updates within the Decisions Admin Portal

A revamped Decisions Admin Portal experience is now live, giving administrators more visibility into who is using or attempting to use the application, and more flexibility on how to manage Decisions licenses.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 9.07.35 AMLearn about all the new changes in our Decisions Admin Portal overview.

Note: Customers with custom license agreements may see alternative options than displayed above. To access existing Team or Group assignment settings, use Admin portal > Licenses > Manage License > Group-based licenses to make adjustments.


For any questions about the Decisions Admin Portal, please contact support@meetingdecisions.com.

Transcripts from Channel Meetings now supported in AI

AI Meeting Recap and AI Meeting Minutes is now supported from Channel Meetings. In order to fully utilize this functionality, you must record (and not only transcribe without recording) the meeting.

Enhancements to AI Meeting Recap and AI Meeting Minutes adjustment options

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 8.38.16 AMWe've made adjustments to what happens when you request to "include more details" after the first draft of meeting minutes or meeting recaps generated with AI. Selecting this option from the interface will ensure that the AI assistant re-engages the transcript file in order to add additional details per your request.