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August 2022 - Product Updates

CTRL + click to open agenda in new tab

For the ones of you that are working with multiple meeting agendas simultaneously, we have added a shortcut to open agendas in a new tab in your browser. By pressing CTRL (or CMD on Mac) while clicking on the View Agenda button or a meeting in the Meeting List, the Agenda will open up in a new tab in your preferred browser. 


  • Meetings in the Meeting List
  • View Agenda button in Meeting List
  • Meetings in the Recurring Meeting navigator


Standing Agenda - Additional use cases supported

  • Support for storing Standing Agenda in OneDrive
  • Ability to delete a Standing Agenda on the series level
  • Support for suggested topics and enable adding to Standing Agenda or occurrence
  • Support for OneNote Minutes
  • Support for "Manage Access" at initial publication
  • Support for Time Tracker 

Meeting actions - Request topics

Now you can ask your team or the attendees of meeting to contribute with suggesting topics. As an organizer you send a message in Teams or by email to one or all of the attendees, asking for suggested topics

Support for adding link from Sharepoint/OneDrive in Teams

Finally we are able to support browsing SharePoint or your OneDrive from within Teams. No longer requiring you to open the agenda in web to easily access your files across.

Meeting List - Default filter & Meeting event search

We have updated the default filter and logic for the meeting shown in the Meeting List. The Meeting List is when  you are using the Decisions app in the sidebar of Teams, or Decisions in the browser. 

The Meeting List will only show relevant meetings that are ongoing or upcoming, and not events or appointments with only yourself or where you are OOO (Away, Working Elsewhere, Show as Free). The Meeting List shows meetings for next 7 days by default, and also includes ANY meeting with agenda.
In addition, there is a new field to search for meetings but meeting title, showing results chronologically for the upcoming year.