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December 2021 - Product Updates

Admin Portal - Report on Users & Teams/Groups using Decisions

Decisions Admins can now export reports on the Team/Groups using Decisions, as well as Users. This can be done from Decisions Admin Portal > Manage Licenses > Export

The Teams/Groups report will give you an overview over the teams/groups that are assigned Decisions license or where Decisions agendas are being stored (when license enforcement is not enabled). The report also includes who requested a license or who started using Decisions, as well as start time, Azure IDs, and other Owners in the team/group

The Users report will give you an overview over users who are members of the Teams/Groups using Decisions, their AzureAD ID and what Teams/Groups they are a member of. 


Admin Portal - Decisions Bot setting

We have made updated to the Decisions Bot Admin Portal setting, so that it correctly disables "notifications" when it is turned off, but still allows users to utilize features using the Bot service when interacting with it. Such as Meeting Feedback Score, Help Command, and soon to be release Time Tracker - Alert.


Private Channel - Sync owners

We have made additional improvements when Decisions is used in Private Channels, so we correctly reflect the Owners in the Private Channel when changes are made. 


Word Meeting Minutes - Default Template changes

Based on feedback from our amazing users, we have made changes in the default layout template for Word Minutes. There will no longer automatically be time allocation for each agenda item.