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December 2023 - Product Updates

Ongoing updates to products made in December 2023, including the ability to create meeting minutes from AI, disable file uploads, and more.

MeetingCulture.ai - Beta launch of Meeting Minutes drafted from AI

The ability to generate meeting minutes from AI has been one of the most commonly requested features by users of MeetingCulture.ai. Now, it's possible!

To access this feature, you must have access to MeetingCulture.ai features in your account, and have the Decisions add-in for Word installed.

During the beta phase, the meeting minutes generator only works with minutes generated for Word (OneNote support coming soon), and can access two sources of data to generate the document — the agenda and the transcript. After generating the draft minutes with AI, the merging, editing and approval processes are the same as with regular minutes.

Custom minute templates are also supported.


Enhancements to OneDrive meetings

We know that not every meeting needs a dedicated Teams channel or SharePoint folders.

That's why we've been hard at work updating the experience to meetings saved to your personal OneDrive. Depending on your organizational policies, a OneDrive stored meeting might be the more optimal way to run things for 1-on-1s, event planning or project kickoff meetings — to name a few.

This month's update bring further product parity to OneDrive meetings as those stored in SharePoint — including access to comments, enhanced meeting attendee experience, tags support, 

Have a meeting that fits the bill? Run it as a OneDrive meeting to see these enhancements in action — and bring Decisions to every meeting in 2024.

Restrict file uploads to agendas

In order to prevent unwanted duplication of content, some organizations may want to restrict the ability for users to upload files directly into a Decisions agenda, and instead require they are only linked to existing SharePoint or OneDrive storage locations.

Now, at the team level, you can enable a setting that will prevent users from uploading files into an agenda.