Decisions for Attendees

As an attendee of a meeting managed using Decisions, you might need to take any of the following actions.

Download Decisions

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Before starting with Decisions, add the Decisions plug-in to Teams: Add Decisions to Microsoft Teams

Suggest Topic:

a. Via Teams chat:

b. Via email:

Access meeting agenda (request access if needed):

a. Meeting actions

b. Create an agenda in a meeting that is not yours

Review the Meeting Book: 

Create a Meeting Book with Decisions

Review minutes & make comments if needed:

Review final meeting minutes:

a. Share by email:

b. Share by Teams chat:

Follow-up on any assigned task:

Use the Tasks app in Teams - Microsoft Support

Occasionally you may be invited to attend only a part of a meeting managed using Decisions: 

1. The calendar invite will reflect this:

2. So will the Decisions interface. Expect to see only this topic and not 
the entire agenda: 

3. If you’ve been asked to upload supporting documentation or further details, 
you will be able to edit the agenda item accordingly: