Using the Decisions Free Tier

Users on Decisions Free Tier have access to our core and AI features on a credit-limited basis per month.

free-tier-hero-imageWhen you authenticate your M365 account to work with Decisions, you can try many of the Decisions features free of charge, within certain usage limits.

Users on our Free Tier are granted 100 Decisions credits monthly at no cost, and with no payment method required. Should your usage exceed this, you can upgrade to one of our annual paid license options for your team or organization (minimum 3 licenses required).

Please note: Not all accounts and tenants are currently eligible for Decisions Free Tier.

How many credits are required for each feature?

Typically, 100 Decisions credits will enable a user to create and edit 1 or 2 agendas a month, or view agendas up to 100 times. Credits will refresh on the first of each calendar month, and there is no limit on how long a user can remain in the Free Tier.

This chart indicates credit requirements for each activity:

Decisions action Credits needed
Agenda published 20 credits
Agenda item edited or added 10 credits
Comment or annotation 2 credits
Agenda opened 1 credit
Meeting minutes published 20 credits
Meeting book published 10 credits
Presentation pack created 10 credits

Note: The 100 Decisions credits on our Free Tier are in addition to the 100 AI credits that all license-holders receive on a monthly basis. Credits cannot be combined, and users with a Premium AI license must also have a paid core application license.

The Free Tier only grants access to Decisions basic features, and none of the premium features, including, but not limited to, voting, restricted document access, case submission, custom templates, etc. For a preview of those features, please request a demo.

How to view your remaining credits

Viewing Remaining Credits Freemium + AI

To view remaining credits, navigate to 'My Settings' in the Decisions app. Here, you can:

  1. See how many of your 100 credits are remaining
  2. Request a paid license from your admin (if they are available)
  3. Directly buy the licenses for yourself or your organization

What happens when I go over the credits?

Once you have fully exhausted your 100 credits, you will be restricted from creating or viewing content in Decisions. You can either wait until credits refresh at the start of each month, or upgrade your user license