Add Decisions Meeting Secretary To Outlook

Plan and organize successful meetings, all within Microsoft Outlook

1. Open Outlook and navigate to the mail tab (bottom left corner OR left-panel depending on your setup)

2. Locate the Orange Get Add-Ins Icon (top panel)

3. Search for "Decisions Meeting Secretary" and select the Blue "Add" button

4. Now, any meeting that you create on your calendar can utilize the Decisions Meeting Secretary to build the agenda. The Meeting Secretary should now be visible in the top panel of your meeting invite.

5. Click on the Meeting Secretary and select the Team and Channel where you want to host and save your meeting contents

6. Now you can start building your agenda directly from Microsoft Outlook

7. Or you can open up the Decisions Web App by clicking on the highlighted blue icon above the first agenda item. You can build your agenda from this view or continue on the work you have already completed

NOTE: You will only be able to create meeting agendas via the Decisions Meeting Secretary for meetings that you have created