Add Decisions Meeting Secretary To Outlook

Plan and organize successful meetings, all within Microsoft Outlook

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the mail tab (bottom left corner OR left-panel depending on your setup)

  • Locate the Orange Get Add-Ins Icon (top panel)

  • Search for "Decisions Meeting Secretary" and select the blue "Add" button

NOTE: You will only be able to create meeting agendas via the "Decisions Meeting Secretary" for meetings that you have created

  • The "Meeting Secretary" should now be visible in the top panel of your meeting invite.

  • Click on the Meeting Secretary and select the Team and Channel where you want to host and save your meeting contents

  • Now you can start building your agenda directly from Microsoft Outlook

  • Or you can open up the Decisions Web App by clicking on the highlighted icon below 

  • You can build your agenda from this view or continue on the work you have already completed

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