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Deploying global customized templates in Decisions

How to deploy customized templates for your team or organization

Last updated: July 28, 2023

We have updated the Decisions Admin Portal to make items such as agenda templates, minutes customized templates, meeting book customized templates, and custom agenda print designs more readily available to your entire organization.

To deploy Customised Template:

1. Navigate to the "Global template" tab within the Decisions Admin portal > Global Template

2. Select an existing public team, or if you do not have any public teams, you will have to create a new Public M365 group to support these features. You can learn how to create an M365 Group

Note: The group needs to be Public. Depending on your organization's M365 policies, you should ask your IT Admin for help to create this group. 

Tip:  Creating a new Team in your Teams environment will automatically create a new M365 Group.

3. Search for the group "Decisions Global Templates" or whichever naming convention was used for the new group within the search bar titled "Select group."

4. Click on the Group Name - "Decisions Global Templates" or whichever naming convention was used for the new group.

Admin Portal Global Template

5. To deploy the team as a Global template, click "Use for Global template."

6. Once selected, you will see the group under the "Existing template data" section of the Global template tab within the Decisions Admin Portal:

Admin Portal Global Template

7. Click on Templates to upload the Template.

8. Upload your Template under Templates (Documents> Config > Templates)

9. Once completed, you can test it in any of your meetings. If you have any issues, please submit a ticket, and a customer success team member will contact you to help.

To save an Agenda Template Globally:

1. Access a published agenda in Teams or Decisions Web Portal. Click on the 3-line main menu in the upper right corner and click "Save agenda as a template."

Save Agenda as a Template via Main Menu
Save agenda as a template
2. Name your Template and add some information to the Description box for background info if you like and then select the "Org-wide templates (Everyone)" radio button:

Save Org-wide global template
3. To import a globally saved agenda template into a Decisions meeting, follow these steps:

4. Click on the "Select Template" option within the Agenda Builder. This can be executed in the Outlook environment as well as in the Teams or Web Portal environments for Decisions:  

Select Agenda Template

5. Scroll down to locate the "Org-wide templates," and all agenda templates that have been saved globally will be available for import:  

Select Org-wide Agenda Template in Outlook Select Org-wide Agenda Template in Teams

Do you think this helped with what you were looking for? If you still need to, please submit a ticket, and a customer success team member will be able to help.