Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer & Edge Legacy

In line with Microsoft support lifecycle, Decisions will stop supporting Internet Explorer as of July, 2022, and Edge Legacy as of October, 2022.

As Microsoft changes focus from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, Decisions needs to follow. As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft has retired and put Internet Explorer out of support, and Decisions will align and do the same in July, 2022. 

Reasons for deprecation

  • #1 - Improved compatability
  • #2 - Streamlined productivity
  • #3 - Better browser security

Required Windows and Office versions

As per the Microsoft, users should upgrade to Windows 10 version 1903 or higher and Microsoft 365 version 16.011629 and higher.

For Office, users need Office 2021 or higher, or alternatively Office 2016/2019 RETAIL with Edge WebView2 installed.

  • Upgrade Office version

Edge Legacy

Microsoft Edge Legacy is the first version of Edge, before it was released with the Chromium project. This version is also out of support from Microsoft.

Upgrading browser

Upgrading Outlook or Word to use Edge for Office Add-ins

Important: If you have installed Edge browser and upgraded Windows and M365, but Decisions in Outlook or Word is still not working. You need to contact your IT Admin with above links, or try the steps below. 


  • Upgrading to use Edge for Office Add-ins (technical)
    Depending on your environment, this might not be possible do by yourself
    • Check if you already have WebView2 installed
      • To check if you have WebView2 installed on a computer, go to Settings > Add or remove programs and then search for WebView2 in the search box. You should see something similar to the following screenshot. 
      • Additional ways to check
    • If not installed, download WebView2 and install