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Feature Sunsetting

As the Decisions platform keep evolving, we sometimes need to sunset features to make way for new and improved functionality

Internet Explorer - May 2022

Internet Explorer is being replaced with Edge, and following Microsoft guidelines, Decisions will stop supporting the browser version.

OneNote 2016 - Januar 2022

OneNote 2016 is not supported or recommended due to its inherent issues around synchronization and updating, often leading to "sync error" in Notes and Notebooks. Microsoft recommends to use OneNote for Windows 10 or later, or OneNote Online. 

Drag & Drop Agenda item - September 2021

As we make way for new and improved Agenda item builder, we need to remove an old functionality for drag and drop agenda items

Legacy Edge browser - Q3 2021

Following the lead of Microsoft, we are dropping support for the Legacy Edge Browser as of Q3 2021.

Outlook Basic Version - Q4 2021

For organizations that don't approve the Decisions apps in their tenant, there is a basic version of our Outlook add-in with reduced functionality. This basic version is planned for sunsetting in Q4 2021.