How to add External Guest Presenter (outside your org) to a specific Agenda item

Decisions meetings can be held with people from outside of your organization, where External Guests can be invited to the specific Agenda item and time, as well as be given read or edit access to the agenda item and attachments

For an External Guest to be able to access Meeting Information, they need be registered in the Organization Azure AD

Add External Guest by adding Presenter for an Agenda item

  • Click on the presenter icon on the agenda item

  • Add the External Guest attendee by using their email in the Unassigned attendees field and click Invite
    • This will also send out an email invite to people to their portion of the meeting

  • By default the External Guest will be assigned the Presenter role
  • You can edit the access level by clicking the configuration icon
    • Presenter: Will have edit access, and assigned Presenter label
    • Contributor: Will have edit access, and assigned Contributor label
    • Read access: Can read documents and view the specific agenda item, but cannot edit


  • To invite users external to the Office 365 tenant to a Decisions meeting, this must be allowed by your IT admin policies (Configure external sharing).
  • Decisions cannot supersede current Office 365 policies.
  • External Guests need to be registered in your directory in the Azure portal. Microsoft has a guide on how to do this and you can also see how to accept invitation.