How to add your company logo to the minutes and meeting book templates?

This guide applies to organizations using the standard Decisions minutes and meeting book templates.

  • Save your logo in PNG format with the names:
    • MinutesLogo.png (for minutes template)
    • MeetingBookLogo.png (for meeting book)
    • AgendaPrintLogo.png (for Agenda Print) 
    • Max size approx. 270 x 150 px
  • Go to
  • Search for the team/group where you want to use the logo
  • Click on the group name (in the search result)
  • Click Click here to open config folder
    • SharePoint opens
  • Copy/upload the PNG file(s) to this SharePoint folder
  • This logo will be used the next time you create a minutes/meeting book in this team/group
  • Important: you must click the blue "Merge" button in the bottom right corner in order for your logo to appear

Tip: You can also deploy the logos globally to all teams/groups in your organization.