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Manage who can use Decisions within your organization

Decisions allows you to grant access to specific Office 365 Groups/Teams.

Control the usage of Decisions in your organization with permissions set at the Office 365 Group/Team level. Enabling this control will require all users to follow an approval process before starting to use Decisions for the first time in their teams. The first time you enable group-based license management, Decisions will automatically be enabled for all groups using Decisions to avoid any interruptions in access.

Below are the steps to enable or disable Decisions for a specific Office 365 Group/Team.  

Step I: 
Open the Decisions admin portal

Step II: 
Follow the steps in the admin portal to enable group-based licensing.

If you do not have access, contact Decisions support. By default, the person who performed the Office 365 Admin Consent is listed as the account owner. 

Step III.
You can now enable/disable Decisions by Office 365 Group. 

Step IV.  
Go to the menu at the top to verify that the list of Group admins is correct. 

Step V.  
On the "manage admin" page, also verify the license request emails are correct. This is the person (or persons) who will receive email requests for new Decisions licenses.

You may want to enter an email address for existing license request systems you have in place. 

Now, when someone tries to use Decisions in an Office 365 Group/Microsoft Teams team where it is not enabled, they will be stopped and notified they are missing a license. They will be given an option to open a draft email with the pre-defined recipient(s) you list above. The email includes a direct link to the admin portal to make it easy for the admin.