How to find UserID, MeetingID, TeamID or TenantID?

For certain scenarios there is a need to find the UserID, MeetingID or TenantID, follow this guide to find those


  • With the user you want to find UserID for, go to the menu from anywhere in Decisions
  • Click ? Help
  • Click Help & Support
  • The Decisions Help Center webpage opens, copy the URL, which will include your UserID


  • For the meeting you want to get the MeetingID for, go to the agenda
  • If in Teams or Outlook, click Open in Web icon
  • In the web browser for that agenda, copy the URL, which will include the MeetingID


  • In the Team you want to find TeamID, go to the Decisions "Meeting" Tab for a Channel in that Team
  • Click on the Globe icon (go to website) in the top right part of the tab bar
  • Copy the URL for that webpage, which will include your TeamID


  • In the tenant you want to find TenantID for, go to Decisions and find an Agenda you are Organizer or have Organizer access for
  • Click open in web icon (globe or rectangle with arrow pointing out)
  • Copy the URL for that webpage, which will include your TenantID