How to use Decisions with a Zoom Meeting?

If you want to create an Agenda for a meeting scheduled with a zoom link

Add zoom link to meeting

  • When creating a meeting with Zoom or using the Zoom add-in in Outlook, the zoom link will be added to the location field for the meeting. Decisions will display this on the top of the Agenda so Meeting Attendees can easily see it is a Zoom meeting and join with the URL.
  • If the Zoom link for the meeting is manually created outside of the meeting event, just copy/past the Zoom link in the Location field of the meeting.

Use the Agenda in a zoom call

  • When you are meeting via Zoom, the Meeting Admin can display the agenda by sharing their screen or each Meeting Attendee can view the Agenda on their side by going to the Agenda in Teams or clicking the View agenda link in the meeting invitation.