Invite External Guests to your organization

You can give access to the people outside your organization as for a Team/Group, full Agenda, or a specific agenda item

To be able to give External Guests access to Decisions on different levels, you need to add as a "Guest Member" in a Teams team or O365 Group or add them as a Guest in Azure AD. Once an External Guest have accepted the invitation to a Team/Group or the Organization Azure AD, Meeting Admins can assign them access as <Guest Attendee> or <Guest Presenter> across Teams/Groups in the Organization. If they are an External Guest Member in a Team/Group, they will have default access to Meeting Information in that Team/Group, in the same way an Internal Member has.

External Guest in Teams Team or O365 Group

  • For the given Teams team or O365 Group, find +Add member, and enter the email address of the External Guest 
  • Guide to accept invite for External Guest
  • Microsoft guide on adding guest to Teams team

External Guest in Azure AD


  • To invite users external to the Office 365 tenant to a Decisions meeting, this must be allowed by your IT admin policies (Configure external sharing).
  • Decisions cannot supersede current Office 365 policies.