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January 2021 - Product Updates

Share Minutes for review in Teams channel

You can now share the "draft" version of your Word Minutes for review in Teams by notifying attendees from the Agenda Notification Panel, or clicking Share from the Minutes button in Agenda View.

Meetings by Decisions - Mobile App

Our mobile app Meetings by Decisions is now available in Google Play and App Store. The app is a great way to keep up to date with upcoming meetings, making sure you are prepared, and also access all the meeting information when you are running the meeting. Read more

Easily manage Guest Presenters

For meetings where Guest Presenters are invited for a specific Agenda topic or for the whole meeting, we have now made it very easy to manage notification and make sure everyone gets the information they need to be ready for the meeting. Read more.


Only notify Organizer or Owners for Suggested Agenda Topics

When participants create a suggested item, we have now made an enhancement to the notification of meeting Organizer or team Owners. Only the Organizer or the team Owners that are Attendees in the meeting will receive email notification about a new suggested item. 

Include Agenda summary page in Meeting Book

When you are configuring the Meeting Book, you now have the option to include an Agenda summary in the beginning of the Meeting Book. This gives recipients an easy overview over the Agenda for the meeting.

Highlight of document updates

Highlight of document updates is a new functionality in the Agenda view in Decisions. For any document that is either added or changed since the viewer’s last access to those documents, arrows will indicate that either a document has been added (blue starburst) or changed (orange starburst).

The indicator will last for 3 hours after the user checks for updates, and you can hover over the starburst with the mouse-pointer to see who and when the document was uploaded or modified.

Additional filter for dashboard - "Show Organized by me"

In the Decisions app for the sidebar (Personal App) you can now select a filter for showing meeting organized by you, to more quickly find meetings that you have created.

Recurring meeting series supported for In-Meeting Experience

You can now add the Decisions tab to the Teams meeting side panel for recurring meetings, so you  get the Agenda in the side panel of your virtual meeting. 

The functionality allows you to move back and forth between meetings in the recurring meeting series, as well as selecting the specific date from the dropdown. 

Meeting date in the subject of "Suggest Agenda Topics" email

With the meeting date in the subject header, it is now easy to see which meeting a participant have suggested a topic for when you are looking through your email inbox.


Register multiple votes more easily

When registering votes manually, you can now more easily register additional ones in the same workflow.

Vote by Email (Beta)

With Vote by Email (Beta) you can enable participants in a meeting to cast or submit their vote via email. This method is an addition to voting from Teams meeting chat, side panel, or in the Team channel. It is especially helpful in scenarios where participants are having trouble with accessing the Teams meeting chat, or authenticating with the correct user. 

Vote by Email (beta) is enabled in Team Settings, and activated from the "View Results" screen by the organizer or the administrative function for that meeting. This is especially useful in the case where participants are having trouble with accessing the Teams meeting chat, or authenticating with the correct user.