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July 2021 - Product Updates

Meeting Feedback Score 🎉

With the release of our new system for improving meetings, you can now get feedback from the participants on how effective your meeting was.


Meeting Admins - Add yourself to the Guest Presenter invitation

When inviting Guest Presenters (Only invited to one topic, not full agenda), Decisions has an excellent system for managing invitations, time, updates, and giving the correct access. Based on feedback and ideas from our fantastic users, we are now also extending this so that Meeting Admins can add (Cc:) themselves on the invites being sent to Guest Presenters. This way, you can choose to have full control and visibility to Guest Presenters across Decisions and in your Outlook calendar.




Mobile app - Approve/ reject suggested Agenda items

For Agenda items suggested by participants, Meeting Admins can now accept or reject from the Decisions mobil app - Meetings by Decisions - making it even easier to manage your Agendas on the fly.


Guest Presenters - Dial-in information & Conference ID

When inviting Guest Presenters, who get a separate invite for their specific topic, and you enable "Share Teams Meeting link". It will now, in addition to the Teams Meeting link, also include additional information for different methods for dial-in.



API Integration - MeetingInfo.json

For customers that want to extend the Decisions functionality with custom workflows or automated exporting, we have now released the functionality you need. With the MeetingInfo file, you will have all the identifiers you need to build your own integration, see details here.

This will be available for customers that requests this functionality to be enabled, please contact support@meetingdecisions.com for assistance. 

Mobile app - Add, edit, and re-order Agenda items

Meeting Admins are now able to add, edit and re-order Agenda items straight from Decisions mobil app - Meetings by Decisions - making it even easier to manage your Agendas on the fly.