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How to approve the Decisions Azure AD enterprise application for your organization

Before Decisions can be used by your organization the Decisions Azure AD app needs to be approved. This is needed for the Decisions application to integrate with your Office 365 tenant.

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Approve Decisions app

Approving these permissions on behalf of your organization can be done by either a Global Administrator, Application Administrator or Cloud Application Administrator in your Azure AD. 

  1. Open the approval page https://app.boarddecisions.com/home/login/?admin_consent=true
  2. Review list of permissions. Please refer to Decisions Graph Permissions Explained for details about the requested delegated permissions and what they are needed for
  3. Accept the requested permissions on behalf of your organization

To verify Decisions is working correctly you can go to https://app.boarddecisions.com and you should see the Decisions dashboard with a welcome message.

Re-approve Decisions app

As Decisions releases new features and functionality, or Microsoft makes changes to the Graph Permissions infrastructure, there will occasionally be a need to re-approve permissions. To update the permissions just follow the steps above.

Note: If your organization is using Central Deployment for Office Add-ins, you will also need to update the Office Add-in from M365 Admin Center > Settings > Integrated apps > Decisions

More Information

Need Help? For any additional questions please contact support

Optional permissions

For some specific features, there are additional permission that needs to be approved. These are related to Intune MAM, Teams Online Meeting - Transcripts, and Channel Meetings, and can approved individually in the Decisions Admin Portal, or below. 

  1. Open the approval page 
  2. Review and approve the optional permission scopes