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Distribute Decisions for Outlook and Word

This guide will show what options you have and how to distribute the Decisions add-ins for Office 365

Decisions has two add-ins for Office 365, in addition to the Teams app

Distribution options

  • Centralized deployment For most organizations, we recommend you distribute the add-ins on behalf of your users. This allows for an easier roll-out and onboarding. You can also use centralized deployment for a subset of your users with "security groups"
  • Opt-in Users can also download these themselves following the links above or adding the apps from "Get Add-ins" in Word or Outlook

Using Office 365 centralized deployment to distribute the add-ins

  • Open the Office 365 Admin Center
  • Click Settings > Select Integrated Apps > Select Get Apps
  • Search for Decisions 
  • Select the Decisions app for Teams and click Get it now
  • In the "Integrated apps" sidepanel for Decisions select Configuration 
  • Select Deploy to distribute the Word and Outlook add-ins
  • Click Accept Permissions for both add-ins
  • Click Deploy

Distribute add-ins to a subset of users

  • In the "Integrated apps" sidepanel for Decisions select Users
  • Choose Specific users/groups
  • Find and add the groups you have configured for Decisions users
  • Click Update

Note The Decisions Office add-ins are modern web-based add-ins that run in their own sandbox inside of Outlook and Word, hence there is a risk of conflicts with other add-ins you may already have. Please refer to the Microsoft documentation for details on the security model.


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