Org unit

Org unit is the entity to enable advanced license management options. Including organizing license by area or business unit, allow users to request from their area or business unit, creating License admins, and auto-assign users.


New License Management features are being rolled out early 2024, if you don't see this functionality in the Admin Portal, contact support to understand the timeline for you. 

Org unit use case

  • Organize users in different "units"
    • This could be geographical, functional, organizational, and is customizeable
  • Allow users to request license from their "unit"
    • Org units can be displayed to unlicensed users, so when a user wants to request a license, it can be routed to their department or billing center
  • Create License admins
    • License admins are a tiered admin role, that can only manage license for their Org unit
  • Allocate number of licenses to each Org unit
    • Each Org unit can be assigned a given number of license for assignment
  • Automatically assign users to Org units
    • Org units can be connected with a mail-enabled security group, team or O365 group where member will automatically be assigned to the specific Org unit

Configure Org units

Screenshot 2024-05-03 150542

  • In License settings, you can enable users to request license from Org units.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 144904

  • In Manage licenses, you can manage user's assignment for Org units.

Screenshot 2024-05-03 144455