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Manage who can use Decisions in your organization

Decisions allows you to assign licenses on a Team or Group basis, by enabling an approval flow for using Decisions.

Enable Team/Group approval flow and license management

Note: If you do not have access to the Admin Portal, contact your Decisions Admin or Decisions support. By default, the user that approved the Decisions enterprise app in your tenant is designated Decisions Admin.


  • Go to Manage Licenses
  • Enable "Require approval to add Decisions to a Team or Group"

Note: When you enable approval flow and license management, the Decisions app will automatically be enabled for all Teams/Groups already using Decisions.

  • Require approval and license management is now Enabled
    • Users will now have to request approval before starting to use Decisions in a new Team/Group. For new requests, Decisions License Admins will get an email notification, and the request will also be displayed in the "Unlicensed Groups" overview.
    • You can assign access to Teams/Groups by searching for the name and adding them to the list of assigned access as well.

Tip: You can add more Decisions Admins and control who gets the "approval request" emails under Manage Admins in the Admin Portal