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March 2022 - Product Updates

Mobile App - Support for Agenda stored in OneDrive

Our mobile app - Meetings by Decisions - now supports viewing and managing agendas stored in OneDrive. Ensuring you can easily stay up to date with all your meetings.


Support for Agenda in OneDrive - Support for additional functionality

We are continuously developing our functionality for your meetings that is not connected to a Team/Group. This month we are introducing the following functionality

  • Personal Templates
    • As a OneDrive user, you are able to create and use your own Personal Templates. 
  • Suggest Agenda Items 
    • As a meeting attendee, you are now able to Suggest Agenda Items to an organizers agenda. 
  • Item Type
    • You are now able to add Type to your Agenda Items. Let the attendees know whether the agenda item is For Decision, For Discussion or For Information. 

Guest Attendee and Guest Presenter View

If you have ever been a Guest Attendee or Guest Presenter in another Team/Group meeting, you might have noticed that the agenda looked a bit different from your own agendas. Well, not anymore! We have updated the view for both roles so that you as a meeting organizer can know that the experience is similar for all Attendees and Presenters. 

Note: A Guest Presenter might not have access to all agenda items. They will instead of the see the text "You have access to (x) agenda items.

Recurring Meetings - Navigation

As a part of our ongoing effort to improve support for recurring meetings (meeting series), we have now introduced a recurring meeting navigation panel.

The panel is visible, in Teams and the web browser, when viewing an agenda in a recurring meeting occurrence.

The side-panel can be collapsed and expanded. It will display the dates for the occurrences in the series, and makes it quick and easy to jump between the occurrences.

Mobile App - Search

Our mobile app - Meeting by Decisions - now supports the ability to search for agendas, minutes, agenda items and files.