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Contact support@meetingdecisions.com for any questions



  • License requirement
    • Users are defined as the members in the Teams team or O365 Group that are using Decisions
  • License Management
    • The Decisions Admin can manage which teams/groups that can use Decisions, the members of those teams/groups require a license.
    • The "purchaser" of the Decisions offer and the Global Administrator that approves the Decisions app will be assigned as Decisions Admins, and can then configure access for additional people
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

Checkout process

  1. For the Decisions app click Get it now or Purchase
  2. (Authenticate with the user from the organization you wish to purchase licenses for)
  3. Choose the Number of users you need licenses for and Monthly or Yearly subscription
  4. Enter Payment method
  5. Click Place order (it can take up to 60sec for Microsoft to register the order)
  6. Click Configure now to activate you purchase
  7. (Accept permissions for Decisions to verify your user and account)
  8. You will be taken to Decisions confirmation page, click Activate to enable the purchase
  9. Continue using Decisions, or download Decisions to get started


Manage subscription

The subscription bought in Microsoft Marketplace / App Source can be managed by an IT Admin here: