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May 2022 - Product Updates

Delegate Access in Outlook

You can now create and manage the agenda for a meeting you created on a calendar you have Delegate Access to in Outlook. This enables you to manage the full meeting lifecycle in Decisions starting with creating meeting and agenda in Delegate Access mode. 

Shared calendar/mailbox in Outlook

Users who are members of a shared calendar/mailbox, can now manage the meeting event and create the agenda directly in Outlook

Request agenda in Outlook

Attendees to a meeting can now Request Agenda from the Outlook add-in for any meeting. The request can send an email or teams message to the organizer, asking for an agenda to be able to prepare for the meeting.

Creating Meeting Book

Improved merge and save experience to handle scenarios where MS Word "Autosave" might be still processing the changes to the original document - leading to fewer issues and better user experience.

Decisions for Outlook - Enabling attendees

Now all users can find and open the Decisions for Outlook add-in, not only the organizer. This enables attendees to open the agenda from Outlook, as well as additional functionality soon-to-be-released.