Meeting actions

For any meeting you can take actions to help clarify, engage, and collaborate on the preparation of a meeting


With the update Meeting list look we have introduce a set of new functionality to help you prepare, engage, and collaborate on your meetings. 

  • Create/View Agenda
    • Start creating the agenda, or open the existing one
    • Request access (to create agenda) when you want to ask the organizer to create the agenda on their behalf
  • Request agenda
    • Send a request for an agenda to the organizer. Ensuring you and all attendees can know what the meeting is about, prepare and collaborate.
  • Suggest topic
    • Suggest a topic you’d like to discuss, or create a full agenda item to help the organizer complete their agenda 
  • My Notes
    • Quickly create personal notes for any meeting and any stage of the agenda. These will be orderly organized in your personal OneNote