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Meeting Engagement Score™️

The Meeting Engagement Score™️ gives you an indication for the preparedness and agenda quality of a meeting

How Does it Work?

Meetings scheduled through Decisions with four or more participants are assigned a 0–100 score calculated by the level of engagement and the quality of your agenda. For example, your score is raised when participants look at the agenda in advance and interact with agenda items, or when agenda items have sufficient details and enough allotted time for appropriate discussion. As your engagement score grows higher, you’ll start to see more discussion, greater insights and better decisions.

Why Measure Preparation and Agenda Quality?

Measuring preparation and agenda quality incentivizes meeting participants to get involved with the materials you’ve provided, engage with agenda items ahead of time and have serious conversations about the issues crucial to your organization’s success. Only you and your team possess the insider knowledge to make the right decisions for your organization; shouldn’t you give them the best opportunity to use that knowledge?

Behavioral Science in Action

Based on the Nobel Prize-winning research of psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, the Meeting Engagement Score™ provides a quantifiable metric that you can use to help prevent the conditions that give rise to poor decision-making. Without the proper preparation and context, we make judgments based on our gut instinct — meaning our biases and preconceptions. Through the Meeting Engagement Score™, Decisions enables you to assess how prepared participants are for your meeting and whether the conditions are right for optimal decision-making.

What Does It Enable?

Beyond encouraging preparation, the Meeting Engagement Score™ provides a method for you to improve your meetings over time. Use your score to spark conversations on how to improve preparation and agenda quality and assess what factors contribute to or detract from engagement.