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AI - MeetingCulture.ai

Take complete control over access to MeetingCulture.ai, give consent on behalf of all users, and easily configure the deployment using the Decisions Admin Portal.



MeetingCulture.ai is a distinct enterprise application within your M365 environment and can be managed separately from the core Decisions enterprise application.

Approve MeetingCulture.ai 

  • Consent to approve the MeetingCulture.ai enterprise app on behalf of users in your organization. (Requires that you have consented for the core Decisions enterprise app first)
  • Disable AI Features controls if MeetingCulture.ai is available to anyone in the organization

Deployment options

  • Deployment
    • Enabled for all users allows Decisions users in your organization to see and try MeetingCulture.ai
    • Only for assigned users will restrict MeetingCulture.ai to only the users with assigned licenses
  • Data processing region
    • Set the data processing region of the Azure OpenAI server used for MeetingCulture.ai