MS Intune - Meetings by Decisions

You can manage and protect the Meetings by Decisions app with Microsoft Intune in different deployment scenarios. Meetings by Decisions is integrated with the Intune SDK for MAM/BYOD management

Meetings by Decisions 

Supported Deployment Scenarios

  • Not enrolled in any MDM solution (MAM / BYOD)
    • These devices are typically employee owned devices that aren't managed or enrolled in Intune or other MDM solutions.
  • Enrolled in Microsoft Intune (MDM)

    • These devices are typically corporate owned.

  • Enrolled in a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

    • These devices are typically corporate owned.



  • General MS Intune requirements
  • Decisions Admin Portal 
    • Companies who want to utilize Meeting by Decisions with Intune application protection policies needs to Connect Decisions to MS Intune in the Decisions Admin Portal 
  • Users
    • Users needs to have downloaded  the MS Company portal or Authenticator app


Custom Apps

To add App Protection Policies to the Meetings by Decisions app, you need to select the app as a Custom app

  • iOS BundleID = com.meetingdecisions.decisions
  • Android Package ID = com.meetingdecisions.androidapp



  • Approved apps
  • Require company portal