Why Isn't Transcription Working in Our Microsoft Teams Meetings?

Encountering issues with transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings? This guide explains how to check if transcription is enabled in your tenant settings and what steps your admin needs to take to activate this feature.

Transcription problems during Microsoft Teams meetings are typically related to administrative settings rather than issues with the software itself. If transcription options are greyed out or if you find that recordings don't include transcripts even when transcription was expected, it's likely that the feature is not enabled at the tenant level.

Why Transcription is Important for Decisions Meetings:

Transcriptions play a crucial role in enhancing the value you get from the Decisions AI offerings. With accurate transcriptions, our AI can efficiently generate meeting minutes, recap key takeaways, and track decisions and tasks. This automated process saves time, reduces errors, and ensures that nothing is missed during your meetings.

Here’s how to resolve transcription issues in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Check with your administrator: Only users with administrative privileges can adjust meeting policies that affect transcription. If you're not an admin, you will need to contact someone in your organization who has administrative access to the Microsoft Teams admin center.

  2. Access the Teams admin center:

  3. Modify the meeting policy:

    • Choose the policy you want to update. While the "Global (Org-wide default)" policy is often adjusted to apply changes across the board, specific customization can also be made for different groups or departments within your organization.
    • Once you select the desired policy, a settings page will appear.
  4. Enable Transcription:

    • Scroll to the "Recording & transcription" section at the bottom of the settings page.
    • Find the "Transcription" setting and toggle it to "On" to enable transcription for future meetings governed by this policy.
  5. Save and confirm the changes: Make sure to save any changes before exiting the admin center to ensure that transcription is enabled for your meetings.

By following these steps, your organization’s Microsoft Teams meetings should now successfully include transcription functionality, enhancing the productivity and accessibility of your meetings. This allows the Decisions AI to create comprehensive meeting minutes, summarize key points, and ensure all decisions and tasks are accurately documented.

With transcription enabled, you’ll maximize the efficiency of your meetings and leverage the full potential of the Decisions AI offering to drive better outcomes and maintain clear, actionable records.