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November 2023 - Product Updates

Discover how to add an agenda topic from a chat message or Teams post, view and edit private notes in the in-meeting experience, view richer tasks data in the agenda view, and more.

Add to Agenda From Chat Feature Focus - November Product Updates

Create agenda topics from chat or Teams channel posts

With Decisions' integration with message extensions, you can easily send information from a message or post in Teams directly to a draft or published agenda.

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Tasks Overview Feature Focus - November Product Updates

Enhanced task data and access in the agenda view

You can now view tasks directly from the agenda view. This update makes it easier for your team to review tasks, edit them, track progress, and more, all without the hassle of toggling between Planner or Excel.

Simply open up the 'Tasks' tab in the agenda view for any meeting to see the updates!


My Notes Feature Focus - November Product UpdatesEasily access private notes during the meeting

Now you can see and edit your private OneNote notes — during the meeting — right from the Decisions in-meeting side panel. Once you've opened the 'Agenda' during a Teams call, the summary, follow-ups (tasks and decisions) and your notes are all now all accessible.



MeetingCulture.ai updates - Agenda Topic Generator + Free Trials available

We're constantly upgrading our AI-driven platform, MeetingCulture.ai, based on feedback from users. The big updates this month?

  • Agenda Topic Generator launched — Use AI to help fill out individual agenda topics quickly!
  • Free trials are now open to all! Sign up to request free access to our AI tools to try them out.