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October 2022 - Product Updates

Standing Agenda - Additional improvements supported

  • Improved understanding of modifying occurrence vs. series

Create Minutes on any meeting

Ability to create Minutes from the Meeting List even if there is no agenda

Delegate Access / Shared Calendar & Mailbox from Teams

As a user with access to additional calendars, you can now create, publish, edit and update the meeting invitation from Teams. Essentially create & edit meeting events on another persons calendar (Delegate access) or on calendar shared between multiple people (Shared Mailbox or Shared Calendar).

Meetings by Decisions - Mobile app

We have released a number of improvements for our dedicated mobile app:

  • Support for creating "My Notes"
  • "Join" link for quickly go to the Teams meeting
  • Support for moving annotations to a new Meeting Book version
  • Re-order attachements for an agenda item description