Plan a trial with Decisions for your organization

Consider these points when planning a trial of Decisions

What you should know before starting a trial

  • Decisions helps you improve the efficiency of your company by enabling you to run better meetings.
  • Decisions is designed for O365, allowing you to use the work tools you already know, like Teams, Outlook, Word, Planner, and OneNote.
  • Decisions is integrated with Microsoft Architecture and Azure AD, ensuring that all your information is kept within your organization and your existing access structure.
  • Decisions will help you increase meeting engagement, run meetings more efficiently, and track progress over time. 

Take a look at Decisions Overview to quickly understand key features and activities

Prepare for a trial

  1. Configure test account for Decisions
    1. Sign up for free trial at
    2. Install app and authenticate with your Microsoft Work or School account
    3. Approve Decisions as an enterprise app in your Microsoft Tenant / Azure AD integration
  2. Run through the <Getting Started Guide> to understand the key activities of Decisions
  3. Decide who you want to invite as participants or which meeting series you want to use in the trial
  4. Deploy Decisions to trial participants 
    1. Click here to learn how to deploy Decisions to a subset of your employees
    2. You can also work with your Microsoft Admin to distribute the Decisions app or add-in automatically to the participants
  5. Try Decisions in a meeting series with trial participants

      Success criteria for trial

      • Create
        • Create a meeting agenda using Decisions
      • Share
        • Invite colleagues to collaborate on meeting agenda 
        • Share meeting agenda with all participants
        • Collect comments or suggestions on additional agenda topics
      • Run Meeting
        • Run meeting using agenda created with Decisions
        • Create interactive minutes with Word or OneNote
        • Record decisions and create tasks for agenda topics
      • Follow-up
        • Share minutes with recorded decisions and tasks

      Dive Deeper

      To try all what Decisions can offer, make sure you test these additional functionalities during your trial

      • In Microsoft Teams, try both the Decisions App (Your view across teams) and the Decisions Tab for a channel (The view for that team/channel)
      • Try creating an agenda with Decisions for Outlook
      • Use Decisions In-Meeting Experience with Teams
      • Try Speak Now for more orderly virtual meetings
      • If you need a secure way to organize votes, try Vote Now