Choosing Team/Group/Channel for storage location of Agenda and files

When creating the agenda, you first need to choose the storage location of the Agenda and files

Choosing storage location

The choice of storage location will decide where the Agenda and files are saved, and what the default access to Agenda and files will be. 

Team/Channel or Group

Both Teams team/channel and O365 Group have similar underlying structure and attributes, where Agenda and files are stored in corresponding SharePoint site and the team/group can be public or private, where the membership of the team/group designates what type of access a person has.

Teams team are displayed in the Teams app, and have an additional level with channels.

Public or Private

  • Public teams or groups are open for everyone in the organization, while not everyone in the organization is member of a public team/group, every person can find the information in that team/group in Teams or SharePoint
  • Private teams or groups are closed and only visible to the members of that team/group. Other people in the organization can not access information or files unless given explicit access.