Requirements for creating standing agendas in recurring meetings

You can apply a standing agenda to a meeting series. A standing agenda is a pre-defined agenda that will be available in all the meetings in the series.

Requirements for creating a standing agenda

  • The team/channel can’t have custom meeting numbering enabled
  • The team/channel can’t have the setting “Read only after publish” applied
  • The team/channel can't have case submission enabled.
  • You can apply a standing agenda to new meeting series only.
    • If you have a meeting series where you have already created agendas on any of the meeting occurrences, then you will not be able to add a standing agenda to the series.
  • Only team members can be assigned as presenters in a standing agenda
    • Guest presenters can be added to the occurrences
  • The standing agenda must be created in Decisions in Teams or Web.
    • It is currently not possible to use the Decisions Meeting Secretary (Outlook add-in) to build the standing agenda