Syncing tasks and decisions with Decisions Meeting Documents Manager for Word

Decisions add-in for Word automatically creates a meeting minutes file in a Word document for easy note-taking and tracking. While writing, it picks up tasks and decisions, and syncs them with Microsoft Planner.

1. Write your task or decision in Word

While taking meeting minutes, simply write out a task or decision, using this pattern:
Task: action item @name
Decision: decision

Important note: Additional date formats and synonyms (words) for Task: and Decision: are supported. Scroll to the end of this article to see what is supported and examples.

2. Click “Sync”


An orange circle will appear in the Decisions add-in, indicating you have one or more tasks or decisions that need to sync to Microsoft Planner.

3. Click “Save”

word_2-2After clicking “Sync,” an overview will be presented. It indicates the tasks and decisions associated with each agenda item.

Click “Save” to complete this step.

Accepted Date Formats

Tasks and Decisions Format


The following synonyms are supported


  • Task:
  • Action:
  • Decision:
  • Orientation:


  • Oppgave:
  • Oppfølging:
  • Beslutning:
  • Vedtak:


  • Aufgabe:
  • Aktion:
  • Entscheidung:


  • Tâche: (or Tache:)
  • Décision: (or Decision:)


  • Uppgift:
  • Beslut:


  • Taak:
  • Besluit:


The following entry will create a task and assign it to Julie Miller:

Task: Write documentation @Julie Miller

To also assign a deadline, simply add the date: 
Task: Write documentation @Julie Miller 11.30.2017

The following entry will create a decision:
Decision: The minutes are approved

In the Word meeting minutes they will appear like this:



Notice the orange circle; click “Sync,” then “Save” in the next step.