Tips & Tricks - Advanced

Add Analytics Dashboard or embed views

Automatically add Minutes from last meeting

  • In a team/group where you have earlier meetings with finalized Minutes (PDF version), you can type "Minutes" in the title of the first Agenda item in the next meeting, and Decisions will automatically link back to the Minutes from last meeting

Automatically assign tags to an Agenda item

  • In a team/group where you have already created #tags for Agenda items, you only need to add a name similar to the #tag in the title of a new Agenda item, and it will automatically be added.
  • For example: Marketing update in the agenda title, will automatically add #marketing 

CTRL + click to open agenda in new tab

  • For those who are working with multiple meeting agendas simultaneously, we have added a shortcut to open agendas in a new tab in your browser. By pressing CTRL (or CMD on Mac) while clicking on the View Agenda button or a meeting in the Meeting List, the Agenda will open up in a new tab in your preferred browser. 
  • Places:
    • Meetings in the Meeting List
    • View Agenda button in Meeting List
    • Meetings in the Recurring Meeting navigator

Automatically add tasks to a Planner bucket grouped by theme

  • For a Planner plan configured for a team/group, Decisions will by default add "bucket" based on the meeting name and date, but if you create additional "buckets" in the same Planner plan, and use a topic name. Tasks created in that team/group that has the "topic name" in the title, will automatically be assigned to those "buckets"
  • For example: Task: Remember to update strategy deck will automatically be placed in the Planner plan bucket Strategy

Agenda inside the Teams Meeting 

See when document was added by someone else or updated

  • After an Agenda has been published, and a user has viewed it once, they will see green or blue indications on attachements that have been updated or added since the last viewed the agenda

Create meeting and agenda draft without sending invite from Teams

  • If you want to finalize building the Agenda before you send the invite, you can either use Decisions for Outlook or you can create a calendar event in Teams and only invite yourself first. Then create the Agenda and publish it, before you add other participants to the meeting. That way, when they get the invitation, it already include the link to the Agenda. 

Custom Buttons

  • For a meeting series in a team/group, you can add Custom Buttons on top of the Agenda. These buttons are custom links to files, folders, or webpages, and are persistent across meeting Agendas in that team/group. If you have project folder, a data dashboard, or an app you use for that meeting series - participants can then easily navigate to it from the agenda