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How do the AI credits work in Decisions?

Every Decisions license includes 100 AI credits per month, here's how they work and what you can expect when using them.

Note: To fully access AI tools, your organization needs to update tenant settings and authorizations, including granting permission for the application to access meeting transcriptions. Additionally, the use of these tools is subject to an additional Terms of Service than the main Decisions platform.

MeetingCulture.ai — Decisions' add-on AI-enabled platform — allows users to create agendas, meeting recaps, meeting minutes and more with our AI assistants. 

Each Decisions license comes with 100 AI credits monthly at no extra cost. Should your usage exceed this, you can opt for a Premium AI license in addition to your core Decisions license.

Note: During your free trial, you'll also receive 100 credits to explore all the AI functionalities.

How many credits are required for each AI activity?

Typically, 100 credits enable the creation of 3-5 agendas and 1-2 meeting recaps or minutes each month. Credits refresh monthly on the first day, not on a rolling 30-day cycle.

Please note, the chart provided below indicates estimated credit requirements for each AI activity, which can change and vary based on factors like meeting length, processing time, and server availability. 

AI action Approximate AI credits needed
Meeting recap

30-minute meeting: 15-20 credits
60-minute meeting: 20-25 credits

Meeting minutes 30-minute meeting: 25-30 credits
60-minute meeting: 30-35 credits
Agenda creation 8-12 credits
Agenda, recap or minutes modifications 3-5 credits
Using the AI Assistant 2-4 credits per message

(AI credits needed for meeting recap and minutes is dependent on the actual length of the meeting and the complexity of the meeting transcript.)

How many credits does the Premium AI offer provide? 

Those with Premium AI licenses do not have any credit restrictions per month, but may encounter API rate limitations to ensure system stability and prevent abuse. These licenses may be purchased and assigned on an individual basis via the Admin Portal.

How to view your remaining credits

Viewing Remaining Credits
To view remaining credits, navigate to 'My Settings' in the Decisions app. Here, you can:

  1. See how many of your 100 AI credits are remaining
  2. Request a Premium AI license from your admin (if they are available)
  3. Directly buy the licenses for yourself or your organization

What happens when I go over the credits?

Once you have fully exhausted your 100 AI credits, you will be restricted from creating further AI content. You can either wait until credits refresh at the start of each month, or upgrade your user license to Premium AI to remove AI credit restrictions all together.

Reached Credit Limit