Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures using Adobe Sign

Using Electronic Signatures in Decisions

You can send the finalized Minutes (PDF) for signing directly from the Decisions Meeting Documents Manager (Word side-panel).

  • Once the meeting Minutes are finalized, you can select Electronic Signature in the side panel
  • Select the people who are required to sign the document, or add additional people
  • Click Send
  • Log in to your Adobe Sign account
  • Once authenticated, a request to sign the document will be sent to the selected people via email. The email contains a link that enables the recipient to sign the document
  • Once everyone has signed the document, you will receive an e-mail notification from Adobe Sign informing you about this.

Important: The user who initiates the signing request must have an Adobe Sign account


  • Decisions Electronic Signature
    • Electronic signature is a premium feature in Decisions, contact your account manager or support@meetingdecisions.com to request a quote. 
  • Adobe Sign Account & Licenses
    • If your organization does not have a Adobe Sign licenses, contact Adobe to get an account, or contact your Decisions account manager or support@meetingdecisions.com to request a quote. 
    • If your organization already has  Adobe Sign licenses, you can use your existing license with Decisions (Requires Adobe Sign Enterprise). 
  • GovernmentID Multi-factor Authentication
    • Decisions supports electronic signatures with GovernmentID multi-factor authentication, contact you account manager or support@meetingdecisions.com to request a quote.