How to add the Decisions tabs to a Teams channel

This article describes how to add the "Decisions" tabs to Teams Channels.

Step I. Open Microsoft Teams
We recommend that you use the Teams desktop app, but you can also use the web version.

Step II. Navigate to the Team/Channel where you want to use Decisions

Step III. Click the “+” (Add a tab) button at the top

Step IV. Select or search for “Decisions”


If “Decisions” is not shown and you can’t find it by searching, scroll further down on this page to the section called "What to do if you can’t find Decisions ?"

Step V. Choose whether to add the “Meetings” or “Decisions” tab

You might want to add both, but each must be added individually. Select “Meetings” first and repeat these steps to add “Decisions” later.


Step VI. Select whether you want the tab to show "All meetings" for the team or just "Channel meetings."
If you plan to create meeting invites for this Team in Outlook, then it is suggested to choose “All meetings.”

Step VII. Give your tab a name

You can repeat the same steps to add the “Decisions” tab.


What to do if you can’t find “Decisions”?

Step I. Click on “More apps”
Optionally, you can click "Manage apps" then "More apps."

Step II. Search for “Decisions”

Step III. Click on “Decisions”

Step IV. Click on the drop-down button next to Open and select “Add to a team”

Step V. Select the team you want to add Decisions to

Now you can continue configuring as described above.