How to add the Decisions tabs to a Teams channel

Add a tab

  1. Navigate to the Team/Channel where you want to use Decisions
  2. Click the + to add tab
  3. Select or search for Decisions
  4. Choose to add the Meetings or Decisions tab
    1. We recommend adding both, but each must be added individually. Select “Meetings” first and repeat these steps to add “Decisions” later.
  5. Choose if you want to see All Meetings  in that team, or just the Channel Meetings
    1. If you plan to create meeting invites for this Team in Outlook, then it is suggested to choose All meetings
  6. Give your tab a name

What to do if you can’t find Decisions?

  1. Click on More apps, or Manage apps then More apps
  2. Search for Decisions
  3. Click on Decisions
  4. Click on the drop-down button next to Open and select Add to a team
  5. Select the team where you want to add Decisions, and configure the tab as explained in the steps above