How to copy, move or delete agenda templates

Agenda templates are reusable agendas that can be stored on a personal level, team/group level, or organization wide.

Agenda templates are stored in SharePoint folders, you can copy, move or delete templates by managing those files. You will need to have Sharepoint access for the team/group you want to manage templates for. See this article to deploy templates organization wide.

Locate template in SharePoint

  • Open SharePoint for the team/group where the template is stored. For a team/group agenda you can select Open meeting folder from the settings in Decisions
  • Go to folder DocumentsConfig > Templates
  • Locate the folder that matches the agenda template name
  • On the context menu for that folder, select the required action Copy to/Move to/Delete

Copy to / Move to another team/group

  • On the context menu for that template folder, select the required action Copy to / Move to
  • Navigate to the DocumentsConfig > Templates for destination team/group (create Templates folder if needed)
  • In the destination team/group location, click Copy here / Move here