How to enable Decisions per Office 365 group

Decisions allows you to control usage at the individual group level through its admin portal.

If you need to control the distribution and usage of Decisions in your organization you can do so per Office 365 group. Alternatively, you can also control usage through Azure AD, which requires individual users to be granted access instead of everyone who is invited into a group. This typically becomes a management issue when a group wants to invite in guests, or new members not already granted access to Decisions.

The first time you enable group-based license management Decisions will automatically be enabled for all groups that have used Decisions to avoid any interruptions.

  1. Open the Decisions admin portal
  2. Follow the steps to enable group based licensing
    1. If you do not have access, contact support. By default, the person that performed the Office 365 admin consent for Decisions is the one that will be listed as account owner
  3. You can now enable/disable Decisions for individual Office 365 groups
  4. Go to the menu top left and verify that the list of admins is correct
  5. On the manage admin page also verify that the license request emails are correct
    1. Here you might want to enter an e-mail address for existing license requests systems you have in place

When someone now tries to use Decisions in a group where Decisions is not enabled, they will be stopped and notified that they are missing a license. They will also be given an option to open a draft email with pre-defined recipient(s) and a direct link to the admin portal for the current group, so that they can request a license from the admin.