Centralized deployment of the Decisions add-ins via the Office 365 Admin Center

This guide will show you how to publish Decisions to all or select groups in your organization using Centralized Deployment from Office 365.

Activate the Decisions Add-Ins

Step I: Open the Office 365 Admin Center

Step II: Click Settings > Select “Services & Add-ins” > Select “Deploy Add-in"

Step III: From the options, choose "I want to add an app from the Office Store"

Step IV: Search for “Decisions” and then select “Add” for each add-in

Step V: Select the users or groups to which you would like to distribute the add-ins

Decisions Add-Ins for Office 365

Download the relevant add-ins from Microsoft AppSource.

  • Decisions Meeting Secretary for Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to plan, organize and run successful meetings and create dynamic, collaborative agenda. 
  • Decisions for Microsoft Teams gives teams/groups a quick look at upcoming meetings and past meeting outcomes. You no longer need to search Outlook to remember when you last met or scour email to remember what was decided in a meeting.
  • Decisions Meeting Documents Manager for Microsoft Word makes writing and distributing meeting minutes a breeze, with smart language recognition, tasks and decisions sync to Microsoft Planner, and more. This add-in only works when accompanied with Decisions Meeting Secretary or Decisions for Microsoft Teams.

More Information

If not deploying company-wide, we recommend creating a security group in Azure AD to manage who receives the add-ins. Enable them by default for the users so they do not have to do so manually once published.