Syncing Tasks and Decisions from Meetings with OneNote

Decisions for OneNote automatically creates a meeting minutes page in a OneNote notebook for easy note-taking and tracking. While writing, it picks up tasks and decisions, and syncs them with Microsoft Planner.

Step I: Write your task or decision in OneNote

While taking meeting minutes, simply write out a task or decision, using this pattern inside the “Minutes” column associated with the agenda item:

Task: action item @name
Decision: decision

Important note: Additional synonyms (words) for Task: and Decision: are supported. Scroll down towards the end of this article and look for the Synonyms section for details.

The following date formats are accepted for task deadlines:

Important note: Due to limitations in OneNote, avoid using line breaks (hitting ‘Enter/Return’) when typing decisions and tasks.
Type this: Decision: Minutes are approved
NOT THAT: Decision: Minutes are

Additional examples for tasks and decisions are provided at the end of this article.


Step II: Click “Sync tasks and decisions”

After typing the tasks and decisions, click “Sync tasks and decisions” beneath the Agenda table.

OneNote sync task dec-1


Step III: Click “Save”

An overview will be presented after you click "Sync tasks and decisions." It shows the tasks and decisions associated with each agenda item. Once you confirm they're correct, click "Save."

onenote sync task dec prev-2



The following synonyms are supported


  • Task:
  • Action:
  • Decision:
  • Orientation


  • Oppgave:
  • Oppfølging:
  • Beslutning:
  • Vedtak:


  • Aufgabe:
  • Aktion:
  • Entscheidung:


  • Tâche: (or Tache:)
  • Décision: (or Decision:)


  • Uppgift:
  • Beslut:


The following entry will create a task and assign it to Julie Miller
Task: Write documentation @Julie Miller

To also assign a deadline, simply add the date
Task: Write documentation @Julie Miller 11.30.2017

The following entry will create a decision
Decision: The minutes are approved


In the OneNote meeting minutes they will appear like this:

onenote context